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Welcome to Blast3 Fitness!!

Hey everyone, welcome to our newly launched Blast3 Fitness website!  We’re so excited to finally be at a position to release our series of fitness videos for you all, it’s been 2-years in the making, that started as a conversation at the pub (over a pint of water each … honestly!). The idea came along […]

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Busy Professionals – Finding time to exercise

The opportunity to exercise is all around us, but if you’re working 12-hour shifts, or unreasonable 6pm to midnight shifts then there are certainly no easy ways out. Being stuck at your desk with a never ending list of meetings, deadlines and plans does start to make you think that you just don’t have time […]

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£100 Blast3Fitness Giveaway…

We’re giving 3 lucky winners £100 worth of Blast3 Fitness gear for free, each, including branded hoodies, t-shirts and Series 1 of the Blast3 videos – all for just entering the free giveaway below. There will also be other prizes up for grabs, so get your entries in quickly. Entrants must be aged 18 or […]

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The benefits of a HIIT Workout…

HIIT Workouts – what is it and why is it any good? High intensity interval training is taking the world by storm; its research based principles are helping people achieve their goals faster than ever before. But what on earth is it? High intensity interval training asks a lot of you in terms of effort […]

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Busy Dads – time to start fitting in more exercise

Busy Dads – It’s your turn to get fit. Dads, listen up, you’re not alone, it’s tough trying to balance work life, home life, eating, sleeping, chores, changing nappies, oh and trying to keep lean and in shape. You may have noticed your mid-30 spread turned into your mid-40 spread and your lifestyle hasn’t changed. […]

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Busy Mums – Working out how to get a Workout

If you’re reading this you may well have already started thinking about changing your body, getting rid  of that post-pregnancy tummy or wanting a fitter, healthier you. Bringing new life into the world certainly can turn your own life upside down, and what you initially thought were priorities in your life start to slip down […]

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