/ Busy Dads – time to start fitting in more exercise

Busy Dads – time to start fitting in more exercise


Busy Dads – time to start fitting in more exercise

Busy Dads – It’s your turn to get fit.

Dads, listen up, you’re not alone, it’s tough trying to balance work life, home life, eating, sleeping, chores, changing nappies, oh and trying to keep lean and in shape.

You may have noticed your mid-30 spread turned into your mid-40 spread and your lifestyle hasn’t changed. With a few small tweaks to your daily/weekly routine you can lower your body fat and increase your energy levels while you’re at it. Your hectic lifestyle can stay hectic if it so wishes, but we are here to help you manage your fitness goals and get the workout your body deserves.

HIIT it!

Believe it or not with a hectic schedule, working out and getting the body you want is much more about attitude at this stage, rather than hitting the gym and surrounding yourself with lots of equipment.

Short bursts of exercise are at least as effective if not more so than sustained longer periods of exercise when trying the blast body fat. High intensity interval training (HIIT) can make all the difference when looking to squeeze in that workout two or three times a week.

Scrap the gym, HIIT workouts can be done at home with as much intensity as you need, with your body weight as your resistance, you don’t need to search for the perfect place and the perfect gear to get motivated. Stay at home, the baby is asleep there are enough hours in the day for a 20 minute, high intensity workout, and that even includes your warm up.


Trust me when I say getting to the gym for an hour or so two or three times a week is nearly impossible, as you may already know. But that’s ok, you can get creative and this is where a HIIT routine comes in. High intensive short bursts of exercise with a short rest are enough to get your heart rate high and your body fat low.

Blasting out 45 seconds of all-out 100% effort and resting for 15 seconds will send your body into fat fighting mode and lean you up in no time. This can be done in your garden, your garage, your bedroom, morning, noon, or night.

You don’t even need to rely on equipment at this stage, your body weight will provide all the weighted resistance you need, plus placing the focus on perfecting your form during each exercise is hard enough.

Adding two to five short 3-minute HIIT workouts to your weekly schedule will transform how you look, and just as importantly how you feel; keeping hydrated throughout each day and cleaning up your family meals will also tie up the new you.

Try cooking with your partner and children, cooking homemade healthy food with actual ingredients is essential for helping your body change, but also bring your family up to speed on the way you want to live your life.

Blast3 Fitness.

By using the Blast3 Fitness videos you can structure your workouts into high intensity and effective 3-minute routines.

Committing and applying yourself to these for just 15 minute rounds of exercise can ensure us busy dads are not wasting time. You’re busy enough as it is, taking time out to focus on your health needs your divine attention.

The 3-minute episodes are strategically produced so you can undertake the routines anywhere, without any equipment – whether it’s while you wait for your morning porridge to cool down, for your bath to run, or during your lunch break at work – flip open your screen and follow the easy, low-impact routines at your pace, and watch yourself get fitter with these HIIT routines!

Apply yourself to these quick and efficient fat burning videos and not only will you get the body you want but you will be back downstairs before your children finish their homework!

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