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Busy Professionals – Finding time to exercise


Busy Professionals – Finding time to exercise

The opportunity to exercise is all around us, but if you’re working 12-hour shifts, or unreasonable 6pm to midnight shifts then there are certainly no easy ways out.

Being stuck at your desk with a never ending list of meetings, deadlines and plans does start to make you think that you just don’t have time to exercise. I know … I’ve been there. I even started to believe at one point that the amount of barriers that could be put in place were starting to actually conspire against me to stop me from having the body I want and the opportunity to exercise.

If you can relate to this and feel like you are already in this position as a busy professional then you may well have given in to the idea of being rich, but overweight.

However, I will refuse the point that anyone makes regarding a busy professional must choose between having a career or being in shape and having a good sense of health and wellbeing. There is nowhere in the rule book that says this is a “one or the other approach.”

This is a choice, and believe it or not you certainly can choose to have both!

Where to Look.

I can fully understand that the expectations placed on you as a busy professional do take priority, whether it be implications in work itself, or social pressures outside of work and of course family life. It can really start to feel like everywhere you turn there is something there zapping your time and energy.

However, there are a few periods throughout your week that may seem to be hidden but with a few tweaks and modifications these periods of time will be glowing opportunities to work out. You just have to know where to look.

Eating at your desk, answering call after call, wading through endless piles of paperwork must sound familiar, and this is all after your daily commute through the busy traffic and avoiding the cyclists en route. But the key is to find the time to work out by using your work and social commitments for you, not against you.

Busy professionals automatically think they need to overcome all these constraints before they get to work out. The constraints usually fall within a lack of time or energy, unexpected or unforeseen situations such as working extra hours, or changes to deadlines, and social pressures like meeting people after work, seeing the in-laws and so forth.

HIIT your way to a working week.

All of the above leaves you with the best time to work being when your energy and effort levels are spiking throughout the day and the chance of social pressure of unforeseen circumstances are low.

This, my busy little bees, is where High Intensity Interval Training comes in. HIIT asks a lot of you in terms of effort over a short but intensive period of time; however your rest periods are also shortened to reduce recovery time.

With this 100% effort and short rest periods your overall workout is shortened but your work rate is elevated.

This method really keeps your heart rate high and targets fat burning mechanisms quicker. Compared to slow and steady rate cardio workouts HIIT sessions can lead to twice as much of total fat lost.  With this in mind, a HIIT session only takes as much as 3-15 minutes to complete, now doesn’t this sound a lot more realistic? This can be done alone, in a pair or in groups, which by the way, also allows you to socialise with friends too.

I can already imagine you now thinking where you might put a 3-15 minute exercise routine into your 7 day working week … thought of 2 or 3 places yet? … I thought so!

Whether it’s on your lunch break at work, when you’re waiting for the bath to fill in the morning, or just before you tuck yourself in at night for a well-deserved sleep … you can develop a habit by saying you’ll complete a HIIT workout at the same time each day, and progress to more workouts at different times of the day when you start seeing the benefits!

Blast3 Fitness.

Blast3 Fitness videos enable you to structure your workouts into high intensity and effective 3-minute routines. As explained above this does sound short and sharp, but boy does it do you a world of good.

The 3-minute episodes are strategically produced (and 100% FREE for you to watch!) so you can undertake the routines anywhere, without any equipment – whether it’s the moment you wake up before breakfast, waiting for your bath to run when you get home, or even during your lunch hour at work all you need is to follow the easy, low-impact routines at your pace, and watch yourself get fitter and fitter with these HIIT routines!

Committing and applying yourself to these videos for just 15 minute rounds of exercise can ensure that you’re not wasting precious time and will be back at your desk before your computer tower gets cold!

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