/ The benefits of a HIIT Workout…

The benefits of a HIIT Workout…


The benefits of a HIIT Workout…

HIIT Workouts – what is it and why is it any good?

High intensity interval training is taking the world by storm; its research based principles are helping people achieve their goals faster than ever before.

But what on earth is it?

High intensity interval training asks a lot of you in terms of effort over a short but intensive period of time; however your rest periods are also shortened to reduce recovery time. With this 100% effort and shortened rest periods your overall workout is short but your work rate is high.

This method really keeps your heart rate elevated and targets fat burning mechanisms quicker. Compared to slow and steady rate cardio workouts HIIT sessions can lead to twice as much of total fat lost.

This is due not only to the calories burnt during the workout itself but also the HIIT based workouts carry on burning fat and calories for the rest of day as your metabolism and energy systems are still working hard way after your workout has ended.

Now doesn’t that sound good?!

Time Saver.

HIIT is attractive because it saves a lot of time for people. The Blast3 Fitness series is ideal for stay at home mums, busy professionals, those who don’t have time for long workout sessions, people who don’t necessarily like the gym environment and so on.

It offers the maximum benefit with the least amount of time used to get those results. If you’re looking for results around losing fat and building lean muscle then HIIT also caters for muscle retention.

Dieting as a means to weight/fat loss often causes loss of the muscle tissue, not good if you’re looking for those muscle gains. HIIT places stress on muscle tissue, which then informs your body that more muscle tissue is needed, therefore the ratio of your lean body mass to fat goes up … where do I sign up?!

Anywhere, Anytime.

Blast3 Fitness specialises in 3-minute HIIT workouts that can be done anywhere, without any equipment, and for people of all abilities.

It’s a great way to start getting into exercise, if you struggle to find the time to go to the gym, or if you want some exercises to undertake whilst you have a bit of free time then get your heart pumping with a 3 minute video exercise.

For those of you with goals to get lean, fit and lose weight then HIIT cardio should most certainly be on your training programme. And unless you’re very new to exercise, or have been training under a rock for the last year-or-so, then you’re probably aware of HIIT sessions – try our Blast3 Fitness regimes for the best way to speed up fat loss and make fitness gains, both in less time.

These are strategically produced 3-minute routines that consist of 45-seconds of high intensity (and low impact) exercises, followed by a short 15-second break … the ideal way to fit exercise into your daily life and get your body back to tip-top shape!

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