/ Welcome to Blast3 Fitness!!

Welcome to Blast3 Fitness!!


Welcome to Blast3 Fitness!!

Hey everyone, welcome to our newly launched Blast3 Fitness website!  We’re so excited to finally be at a position to release our series of fitness videos for you all, it’s been 2-years in the making, that started as a conversation at the pub (over a pint of water each … honestly!).

The idea came along when we were discussing excuses for not going to the gym as often as we should be, which seems to be the case with so many people.  The common denominator was always “not having enough time.”

After loads of research on high-intensity interval training (HIIT), watching countless hours of YouTube videos, we started planning a new fitness venture that could help not only ourselves, but everyone who doesn’t have time to devote to exercise.

With help from our good friend, Kim Skelton, a highly-qualified personal trainer, we got to work on producing our series of quality videos with her as your instructor.  Kim has been devoted to helping people like you and I getting people into exercise and improving their well-being.

So, why 3 minutes?  Well… everyone has 3 minutes spare, however busy you think you are!  3 minutes allows you to do 3 high-intensity exercises.  3 minutes is the average length of a TV commercial break.  And, 3 minutes doesn’t leave you any excuses!  (…and 4 minutes is far too long!).

Don’t get hung up on this being a solution to solving all fitness issues in the World, but, it’s a stepping stone for you to get up off the couch, when you have 3 minutes spare, to start looking after your health.  After you’ve mastered 3-minutes, you can build on this by adding more episodes from the series into your routine, and working your way up to a full series of workouts.

If you’re running a bath, heating porridge in the morning, or during the TV commercials, you’ll have time to add Blast3 into your day.

So, we hope you enjoy the videos that we’ve taken our time to produce for you, and if you have any questions please feel free to hiit us up (get it?) through our site or social media!

We’ll be posting loads of blogs on this site to help encourage you with your routines, as well as creating a community of Blast3 enthusiasts on Facebook for you to join in with. … keep an eye out.

Take care for now,

Indy, Deren & Kim

PS: we’ll be working on the “Season 2” videos shortly – your input is more than welcome!

about the author

Kim Skelton is a UK-based qualified personal trainer and the face of the videos at Blast3 Fitness. Kim works alongside Deren and Indy to bring you all of the content you see on our website.

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